Why You Need A Tripwire In Your Sales Funnel

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“I’ve been hustling and posting my lead magnet everywhere but I’m not gaining new customers. What am I doing wrong?”

Chances are your sales funnel has a missing step. If you are constantly networking, dropping your lead magnet, and getting new subscribers but aren’t making any money then you need to rethink your funnel. 

You need to add the missing piece to take your audience from prospects to paying customers. 

What you need is a tripwire. 

What is a tripwire?


A tripwire is a trigger that happens when someone submits information to your call to action (CTA). It is a product you sell that is a natural next step in the process. 

Normally you would have a landing page with a lead magnet that someone signs up for, and that’s how your audience enters your circle. After that page, you would have a sales page for a product or service that represents the next best move from the lead magnet. 

It should be what your subscriber would naturally want to do next. 

For example, I have a lead magnet that is 51 Examples of Call To Actions. My audience needs to have something that attracts their customers and makes them want to buy, so this is a perfect opt-in for them. It’s a good copy-and-paste resource. 

Once they press the button and submit their information, they have a page come up that is for my $5 offer of 30 Different Kinds of Lead Magnets That Work In Any Niche. This is perfect because the next natural step for them is to build a lead magnet. It goes with my own lead magnet and continues to help them. 

Need another example?

Let’s say my Social Media Blueprint Workbook has a $97 value but you can get it for free if you sign up now. The next page could be “You don’t have to do it alone! I can help you. Sign up right now for this one time only service and we can go over your workbook in 1 hour and get it done.” 

You can offer strategy and implementation so they can see results right away. You are upselling while continuing to give them something valuable. 

Click here to watch my full video on how I make money with a tripwire. 

Why should I use a tripwire?


Honestly, most of my sales have come through my tripwire. 

For my Simple Sales Funnel, my tripwire is that the next step is unlimited teaching and support through a Facebook Group. Access isn’t free though. You have to purchase that to get what I teach with the extra support. 

The great thing about using a tripwire is that you qualify someone automatically. You know that they are a good client for you because they have already bought and believe in what you can do. 

And another bonus is that you don’t have to post your sales page over and over again, but you are still making money. 

When can I use a tripwire?


You would use a tripwire whenever you are posting your lead magnet as long as it is the natural best step to take. 

It will not hurt or deter your audience. If they don’t buy right then and there, you will sell it to them in the nurture sequence you have lined up for them anyways. They will see it again. 

Don’t worry about selling to them. Remember that they have a pain they are trying to relieve and your product is aiming to do just that. You are making it easy for them to solve their problem by buying your offer. 

They will be happy because you are helping them!

What do I need to build a tripwire?


My favorite system to use is ConvertKit. They make it so easy to manage your email list and build your sales funnel. You can sign up here using my affiliate link and try it for free.  

Step 1: Create Your Lead Magnet


The first thing you will need is a lead magnet that your audience will love. You can do market research or pay attention to what problems your clients keep having to create the perfect lead magnet for them. 

Check out my video on creating a lead magnet that people love here!


Step 2: Build A Landing Page


You’ll need a landing page for your audience to sign up for your lead magnet. Make sure that your title is clear and the copy actually makes them want to sign up!

Step 3: Redirect To Your Sales Page


This is where you’ll want to take your subscriber to the next step. Remember, for this to work, you need to have your sales page on point. You should be talking about how you solve their pain points and overcome any objections. 

It should also make sense for what your lead magnet is. You want to make it easy for your audience to say yes to your upsell. 


Step 4: Applying The Right Tags


If someone doesn’t buy your tripwire from the sales page, no biggie. You can create rules in ConvertKit that automatically apply certain tags and sign your subscriber up for email sequences. 

Good rules to use are assigning a tag as a lead for that CTA and subscribing them to a welcome or nurture sequence. Don’t forget to change their tags or sequence depending on if they do buy or not. 

If they buy you’ll want to add them to a welcome sequence where you can check-in, ask for feedback, or a testimonial. But if they don’t purchase right away you’ll subscribe them to the nurture sequence for your tripwire to make it as easy as possible for them to purchase. 

And don’t be afraid that you are going to push them away with selling or think they must not need what you offer. 

Your audience needs you to show them how you can help and what you can do for them. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your niche or do what you do. You make your offer unique. Don’t forget that. 

So what’s next?

I want to see you take action on this! It makes me so proud when someone takes action on what I’ve taught them. I have a lot of fun teaching you about sales funnels and marketing like this and I want to see what you’ve got going on. Tag me on Instagram @karima.digital and on Facebook @Karimadigital so I can cheer you on. 

If you need more support to build out your own sales funnel and make money on autopilot, book a call and let’s talk. During this free consultation, we will see how I can help you automate your sales and stop wasting time. Schedule yours today!

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    My site (life) is under construction, but I’d like for you to join the ride.

    I send occasional emails about cryptocurrency, marketing, motherhood and good ass food. When you share your email with me, I promise not to spam and only share the good stuff.