Get into Crypto (an introduction and free guide)

In 2017, I fell down the crypto rabbit and hole and well my life has not been the same since. Because of crypto, I had a child (its how I met Ezra's dad), fast-tracked my marketing career (6 figure chick now) and I've been able to help minorities be able to learn and understand blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Other than my beautiful son, the best part about crypto for me is being able to share knowledge and share the wealth. I won't spend this blog post teaching you about crypto, it's better that you teach yourself and come back to me with questions. I created a Crypto Resource Board with ALL the things you need to know to get started down the crypto rabbit hole.

What's in it?
  • How to get started w/ Crypto
  • Things you should read
  • What certs & jobs you can get
  • Where to Learn (Devs & Non-Devs)
You can dig in here, no email sign up required:


It literally has everything you need to get started and what you need to learn before deciding to invest or make a career change.

I originally made it for 2019 Black History Month and #BlackTechTwitter but literally anyone who can read can benefit from this resource board.

Yes, it will take a lil time and attention but I've done the research for you. You just need to make a copy of this board and run with it. The best way to tackle this:

  1. Pick one article, podcast, book or piece of media and dedicate just 5 minutes a day to learning.
  2. This isn't a race, don't feel like you have to understand everything all at once. It's a much better experience if you let yourself digest the new information at your own pace.
  3. Share with a friend. It was easier for me to learn because Ezra's dad and I were obsessed with crypto at the same time. We shared so much information with each other and talked about it everyday, it helped so much with grasping new concepts.
  4. Join a community. Twitter is probably the easiest place to join the crypto and community and learn from peers. Follow the influencers on the board and crypto lists to get started.

Watch this quick tour of the board:


Click here to make the board your own.

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